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Note: I have listed some sources here, but feel free to use others for those sec

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Note: I have listed some sources here, but feel free to use others for those sections as well. Also, this list is not comprehensive, so feel free to add other topics relevant to the title
Please use MLA for the works cited page, but for in-text citation use (source, year).
Please feel free to include a few photos/figures from other sources
Please write using the following outline:
Table of Contents
–Site Description
——Characteristics of Devil’s Lake North Dakota
——Climate of North Dakota
——Recent Weather Patterns near Devil’s Lake, North Dakota (there may not be a lot of information on this)
–Description of Prairies in North Dakota
–Description of Wetlands in North Dakota
–Definition and Description of Vegetative Buffer Strips
–Types of Grasses in Vegetative Buffer Strips in North Dakota
History of Devil’s Lake North Dakota
–Geological History
——–Native Americans
——–Eurasian Immigrants
–Agricultural Practices (how have they changed—using information about the general area like North Dakota is fine)
–Tourism (
Types of Land Management
-Wind Breaks
—shrubs in North Dakota
—trees in North Dakota
-Filter strips
—grass types in North Dakota
-Buffer Strips
—grass types in North Dakota
-Sustainable Land Management (
Historical Flood Mitigation Techniques in Devil’s Lake
Proposed Engineering Mitigation Techniques for Managing Devil’s Lake:
–(1) Excessive Water Outflow
–(2) Vegetative Buffer Strips
Proposed Policies for Devil’s Lake Management
–(1) Transportation Access (road, rail, air) in Event of Levee Breech
———-Supply Transportation
———-Human Transportation
–(2) Hospital Access in Event of Levee Breech
Future Outlook for Devil’s Lake Region
—(1) Environmental Management
—(2) Agricultural Practices
—(3) Aquaculture Practices (if any)
—(4) Tourism
Hydrologic Models Background (
Examples of Hydrologic Models
WEPP Model
Soil Equations
–Note: For this section, please center equations
—-Sedimentation Equations
Engineering Recommendations
–(1) Mitigation Analysis (
–(2) Development of Better Hydrologic Models
———-Most models are generic, not focused on this region
———-Models should focus on geology, hydrology, design storms, artificial construction techniques
–(3) Potential Safety hazards for workers
Policy Recommendations
(1) Laws
(2) Regulations
(3) Best Practices
—–Overall good leadership techniques
——-Private Landowners
Works Cited

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