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Note: I am a clinical psychology doctoral student enrolled in the course of Hist

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Note: I am a clinical psychology doctoral student enrolled in the course of History & Systems. The course provides a chronological history of psychological thought from the ancient and classical East to the Greco-Roman traditions, onto the Middles Ages, throughout the Renaissance, and finally the field’s evolution into the Modern Era.
Professor’s assignment instructions:
“In your OWN words, answer the following essay questions. Each answer needs to be between 300-500 words. This is to be put in a word document.”
1) Given psychology’s varied definitions and applications, is an overall paradigm possible? Is this assumption at odds with the goals of psychology as a unified scientific discipline?
2) Discuss the notion that “psychology has a long past, but a short history,” especially in relation to other disciplines of the natural and social science.
3) What were the major psychological teachings of Confuscious?
4) Summarize the major differences in philosophical assumptions about human nature which provided the bases for the historical background of psychology in East and West.
5) What was Plato’s mind-body dualism and how did this position reflect his theory of ideas and forms?
6) Describe Aristotle’s hierarchy of souls among living creatures. Why is this description of various levels of life important for interpreting the varieties of human activities?
7) How did the teachings of St. Paul modify the Jewish context of early Christianity, and what was the influence of Plato’s views on St. Paul?
8) Describe Plato’s influence on St. Augustine. How was this influence present in Augustine’s writing, especially in his Confessions.
9) Describe the complete absorbtion of psychology into religious belief and practice in late medieval Europe.
10) Briefly describe Aquina’s adaptation of Aristotle’s conception of human activity. Where did the various psychological functions fit within Aquinas’system?
11) What specific findings led Galileo to his views on both the universe and the individual person?

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