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Need discussion written. Please use Grammarly to make sure it flows and makes se

by | Jun 23, 2021 | Law | 0 comments


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Need discussion written. Please use Grammarly to make sure it flows and makes sense, not all fill words and run-on sentences. Please use proper punctuation. It needs to be in topic 600 words not including sources. Week 6 Discussion
Cyberstalking and cyberbullying are not just terms for today’s youth.
They are real and increasing threats online. This is particularly true with social media, social communications, and social networking being done online. Protecting your identity, your privacy, and your data is a requirement for interacting and socializing online.
Stalking Is Stalking, Offline and Online
Even though cyberstalking might be new, the activity is well understood. Due to how technology changes so quickly, laws specifically tackling cyberstalking are new. In some areas, the laws might not even yet exist. However, the crime is already understood and dealt with by the law enforcement agencies ready to levy new charges.
Police appreciate the similar activity and analogous meaning between cyberstalking and stalking. The principal behaviors involved are
harassment, intimidation, and incitement of hatred, etc. No one needs to reinvent a new crime definition, only new laws encompassing those behaviors online, as they sometimes include additional charges such as unauthorized use of a computer, mischief in relation to data, and, in school-age cases, child pornography. Of course, exact nomenclature of charges might vary by state or country, but the described activities are
essentially the same.
Using your favorite search engine, search the internet for a cyberstalking case. Describe the case, including such facts as who was victimized and how the person was victimized.
2. Explain how you would protect this individual from the scenario presented in the case by outlining the law you would create.

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