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Need a one-page discussion board for example Question: How can we improve patien

by | Jun 25, 2021 | Nursing | 0 comments


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Need a one-page discussion board
for example
Question: How can we improve patient recovery after bariatric surgery once patients are discharged?
Heuser, J., Maeda, A., Yang, L., Masino, C., Duggal, S., Jackson, T., & Okrainec, A. (2021). Impact of a Mobile App to Support Home Recovery of Patients Undergoing Bariatric Surgery. The Journal of surgical research, 261, 179–184.
Level/Type of Evidence: Systematic Review and Cohort Study Description:
Bariatric surgery is a growing field, but the number of ED re-admissions is still a critical issue, especially for patients returning for non-acute issues. In addition to clinical factors, patient behaviors are a major component of complications and re-admissions. These include; medication adherence, exercise and dietary practices, and patient engagement with care. A systematic review of the utilization of cell phone applications for healthcare was conducted and based on positive results a cohort study was created in which bariatric patients had the opportunity to utilize, or not, a cell-phone based application for managing symptoms and treatment adherence.
Given the younger age of many bariatric patients, a mobile intervention was presented to help patients manage their post-operative care. The application provided to patients for free began to send out reminders and to-do lists three weeks prior to the surgical date. Then, following their operation, patients were asked to answer questions on a daily survey for 30 days following their procedure. These questions looked at symptoms, self-care and treatment adherence, and healthcare utilization. Additional questions were related to user satisfaction and the rates of app usage. It was found that for the number of patients enrolled in the cohort using the app, 67% responded to the questions during the first week, then this rate declined through the following three weeks to 40%. However, by day 30, 92% of patients reported that the app made them more confident about their ability to provide self-care and reduced post-operative anxiety. In addition, nearly 49% of patients reported that the app helped them avoid at least one call to the hospital, and that nearly 13% of patients avoided an unnecessary re-admission.
By the end of the study period, 95% of patients said they would recommend this application to others following bariatric surgery. The final conclusions are that the use of this app improves patient satisfaction of the post-operative experience, and that it empowers them to manage their own symptoms.
Will this help me in caring for my patients? How?
Yes, providing an easily accessible and readily available application to track and manage symptoms, as well as support behavioral changes will help provide care to patients. Discharge is often a stressful time, there is a lot of information given in a short period of time and patients can feel overwhelmed. While patients receive this information in a written format, they may not consistenly refer to the information contained. By providing an app that can be viewed easily on one’s phone, which is a daily staple for most patients, they can easily manage their own care and feel empowered; all of which will result in better outcomes and improved satisfaction with the entire process.
How confident are you using this evidence?
Very confident, this is a method of health maintenance training that is easy for patients to understand, and easy for providers to teach. I am confident that 90% of the bariatric patients I have seen over the course of this semester would be happy to utilize this app due to its ease and information.

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