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My part of the blog/report – summary of other region (how it differs from us)

by | Sep 21, 2022 | Marketing homework help | 0 comments


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Fast Food: Mc Donald’s 
Region: Moscow
My Part of the blog/report – Summary of other region (how it differs from US)
Overall feel of discussion: How is Mc Donald’s different from in Moscow compared to the US? 
What about in other regions? 
Compare and contrast how a global organization in this industry manages its brand globally and locally.
The report will critically analyze a global strategic communication campaign and
compare and contrast how the brand (Mc Donald’s) was marketed in the U.S. and in the Moscow region. Assess whether the firm successfully adapted its global strategy and messages for local audiences and will provide recommendations for the brand based on your own evaluation as well as the best-practice recommendations of other scholars and practitioners. 
The research will explore a firms’ advertising, social media, and PR efforts in
the U.S. and at least one country in the assigned region to assess how the
brand is promoted in the different markets, and how the firm addresses the
issues of global vs. local branding, and how (or if) different cultures are
addressed by the same brand.
Summary of how Mcdonald’s has been marketed globally. (Does it follow a global or local strategy?)
– Summary of the region you researched (Moscow)  and a comparison of how Mcdonald’s is marketed there compared to how it is marketed in the U.S. and how the activities fit (or don’t) with the industry’s best practices (i.e. are they a good example or bad of how to market the brand globally?)
– What is working? What could be improved?
– Conclusion/summary – provide advice and/or project the future for the organization’s approach to Global Strategic Communication Management
Research report should cite books and articles by experts from
this industry and/or experts on global branding, IMC, advertising, public
relations, and global strategic communication.

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