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Must have nursing writing skills. NO plagirism !! Write a RESPONSE to the discu

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Must have nursing writing skills. NO plagirism !!
Write a RESPONSE to the discussion below
Food insecurity and hunger is prevalent in many communities across the country. It is most prevalent in underserved minority communities. It is linked to negative health outcomes and needs to be addressed. There is a stigma behind food insecurity. Families may be embarrassed and too proud to ask for help. As nurses we have to help reduce that stigma by being unbiased and nonjudgmental in our work as well as noticing the signs of food insecurity especially in our pediatric patients (Hawkins, 2021). Social workers usually take the lead in cases like these but as nurses we are the ones to initiate the help. Interdisciplinary collaboration is important to get these patients the help they need to improve their long term health and quality of life. Food insecurity stems from a number of issues ranging from unemployment to not having a car to get to the food store. Offering patients access to food banks, nutrition assistance programs and asking what can be done to help is a good start. We can approach this using screening tools, developing culturally competent care, promoting health literacy, promoting existing community resources to increase access to healthy foods as well as advocating for the patient on multiple levels including causes that involve local or state policies (Hawkins,2021).
I once had a patient as a nursing student who disclosed to me, he could not afford his medication for COPD. I let the nurse know but she seemed to busy and unwilling to take the time to contact a social worker so I did myself. We forget as nurses were more than just medicine pushers on a time schedule. We have to take the time to care for the whole patient. I’m a new nurse and I often take more time than needed with the patient because I care, I have to stay late to chart because of it. Older nurses push me to get in and out of the room and sometimes even make fun of me for it. However, I don’t regret that as I know I take the time to help these patients to the best of my ability and I am being the best nurse I can be.
Hawkins, M., & Panzera, A. (2021). Food insecurity: A key determinant of health. Archives of Psychiatric Nursing, 35(1), 113–117.
Healthy People 2030. (n.d.). Retrieved June 7, 2022, from Stanhope, M. and Lancaster, J. (2018). Foundations for Population Health in Community/Public Health Nursing (5th ed.) Elsevier, Inc.
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