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Most of us love sweets but would also love to avoid the extra calories that come

by | Jun 22, 2022 | Nutrition | 0 comments


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Most of us love sweets but would also love to avoid the extra calories that come along with them. So, in the attempt to have our cake but avoid the calories, artificial sweeteners have gained in popularity. There is a lot of misinformation on the topic of artificial sweeteners, so it is important to have the facts available to help us make an informed decision about their use.
When researching your side, consider the physical and chemical properties of sugar and artificial sweeteners, the health implications of both, and whether your recommendations might differ for certain populations.
This class will be divided into two groups and each student will be assigned a side to research and present arguments either supporting artificial sweetener use or against artificial sweetener use.
Assignments are as follows, LAST Names beginning with A-L will advocate for artificial sweeteners. LAST Names beginning with M-Z will advocate against artificial sweeteners.
You may use facts from the text or from any other reputable resources that you find. Please make sure those resources are credible and be sure to cite them in your post(s).
For full credit, you should do the following:
Post your initial discussion within the first 3 days of the unit starting and spread your discussion posts on different days throughout the duration of the unit (at least 3 different days of the week).
Respond to at least two other student/instructor postings.
Demonstrate critical thinking (not just opinion) and refer to the course materials or a credible outside source in at least three posts.
Make most discussion posts (including reply posts) three or more paragraphs and provide complete citations for the references used.
Check all spelling before hitting Post.

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