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Module 3 Assessment: Literacy Assessments As a classroom teacher, you will be re

by | Aug 5, 2022 | Education | 0 comments


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Module 3 Assessment: Literacy Assessments
As a classroom teacher, you will be responsible for developing and choosing
appropriate assessments to measure your students’ literacy skills. Literacy
assessments include both standardized instruments and teacher-created (classroom-
based) assessment strategies.
Conduct a comprehensive search to identify and describe literacy assessments
appropriate for use in EC-3 classrooms.
Your task:
Conduct research using the MSU online library databases and/or professional Internet
websites. Based on your research, identify and describe a variety of literacy
assessments that can be used with EC-3 students. You may NOT use assessments
you included in the Module 1 Assessment Portfolio for this assignment.
Write a 5-to 7-page double-spaced paper that includes the following information. You
must include at least 3 standardized literacy assessments and 2 teacher-created or
classroom-based literacy assessment strategies in your paper. For EACH of the five
literacy assessments you choose, address the following:
Literacy Assessment or Strategy Name
Identify the grade levels can it be used with.
Describe the specific literacy skills it measures.
Describe how to administer the assessment.
Summarize at least one research study that demonstrates the effectiveness of
the literacy assessment.
Sources of Information (Citations w/ URLs)
When writing your paper, use the following headings for each assessment to identify
each section:
Literacy Assessment Name:
Grade Levels:
Literacy Skills:
Assessment Administration:
Research Summary:
Please include an assignment cover page with relevant information (class name, your
name, date). The cover page dos not count toward the page length requirements.

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