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Marketing- Communication and Managerial Control Answer these essay questions: 1.

by | Jun 24, 2021 | Marketing | 0 comments


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Marketing- Communication
and Managerial Control
Answer these essay
1. Identify a
communications difficulty that occurred when you used an electronic channel
(Email or SMS) that you believe would not have occurred had you delivered the
message in a face-to-face meeting. What was there about the use of the
electronic channel that was at the heart of the problem that is not an issue
when talking face-to-face? If you have an opportunity to send the same kind of
message again by an electronic means, what would you do differently, and why?
2. Firms are becoming ever
more dependent upon electronic communication channels for many reasons,
including: virtual employees, growth of project complexity, the global
marketplace, and the fact that customers can now come from everywhere. Do you
believe that high quality virtual presence (video, audio, shared documents,
etc.) is becoming more important? Explain your answer.
3. It has been argued that
bureaucratic control systems are a holdover from a time when businesses,
products, technologies, and society itself ran, and changed, at a far slower
pace than it does today. Due to the rapid growth of global competition, the
acceleration of technology change, and the growing interconnectedness of
individuals some believe that bureaucracies should be replaced by more agile
and dynamic mechanisms. For example, statistical process control, one of a
number of tools and methods W. Edwards Deming successfully advocated after
World War II, strived to improve quality and productivity by removing sources
of variation. Detractors assert that business in today’s agile world changes
too quickly for statistical process control to be useful. Attack or defend the
position that the basic ideas of bureaucratic control systems are still
relevant in today’s world, and support your argument.
4. Some argue that the
traditional role of managers and bureaucratic control systems are in conflict
with the principles and processes of self-management and self-designing teams.
It has been suggested that managers need to change to be more like coaches in
order for such agile teams to be effective. Attack or defend this idea and
support your position.

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