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Map Research Project Project description: Produce a map that highlights a spec

by | Jun 23, 2021 | Geography | 0 comments


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Map Research Project Project description: Produce a map that highlights a specific variable within your community. Whatever you choose to map should involve the collection of data (either primary or secondary) and the plotting of this information on a local map. There are different sources of data that you can use. For example, you can use an existing data set (eg. from the City of Vancouver or from North Vancouver) or you can create your own data set from points that you plot (eg using a GPS app). Your map will be accompanied by spatial analysis — the “what-where-WHY” that describes and offers plausible explanations for the observed patterns. Base map: There are excellent online map and data base resources for each municipality in Metro, or you can use Google Earth. We will go over the selection and sources maps available to you in class.
Format: Your map project will be in digital format. Make sure to include: title, scale, & legend. Study area: This depends on the scope of your project. For example, you can focus on a single block in your neighbourhood, or the whole neighbourhood. Written component: This component is approximately 500-750 words in length & is separated into three parts.
Purpose/Methodology: Outline the focus of your project and how you collected your data.
Findings: Describe what you found out. This may include a table or graph if your data can be quantified.
Analysis: Offer explanations. Find at least one academic study that offers insight into your research. Use APA style to cite any secondary sources of information. Map themes: Choose something that interests you and fits well with your neighbourhood. The following themes have been suggested before; you can come up with other ideas as well. Check with your instructors to get clearance and advice before you start your project. You may wish to incorporate the element of CHANGE in your map, by comparing the landscape from two different dates (ie today and 10 or more years ago), as this provides more data for analysis. New businesses
Demographics – ie. families, elderly, students
Car inventory – makes/models
Personal care/fitness establishments
Social housing (low income, eldercare, mental health…)
Community spaces
Parks (green space)
Cultural events/venues
Ethnic events/venues
Street trees
Backyard gardens
Public transportation
Occupancy (empty suites)
Rental vs ownership
Crime stats
Churches & other religious centers
Grocery stores
Coffee shops
Housing inventory (ie date built, paint colors,,,)
Parking rates Secondary suites
other ??

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