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Major Assignment – Assignment Ethics Question: Topic: Each student will select t

by | Jun 23, 2021 | Nursing | 0 comments


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Major Assignment – Assignment Ethics Question:
Topic: Each student will select two of the questions listed below. Present both positions for the question you have selected. Conclude with your personal and professional position regarding the question.
References: Cite a minimum of 5 primary scholarly references. At least 3 references must be related to nursing and be published within the last 5 years. Only scholarly articles are to be used. (Wikipedia and anonymous web sources are not considered scholarly source of information). Investigative news articles from respected newspapers such as the New York Times (and others) are acceptable but should not be the majority of your references. If you are unsure if your sources are considered academic, please contact the University librarian or your faculty member before submitting your paper.
Grading: Weight 20% | Max points: 100 (See Rubric)
QUESTIONS: Choose one of the following:
Should a pregnant woman be punished for exposing her fetus to risk?
Should adolescents be allowed to make their own life and death decisions?
Should vaccination for human papilloma virus (HPV) be mandated for teenage girls?
Are experiments that combine animal and human genes ethical?
Should prisoners be allowed to participate in research?
Should pharmacists be allowed to deny prescriptions on grounds of conscience?
Should physicians (and nurse practitioners) be able to refuse demands for “futile” treatment?
Should female genital mutilation be performed in the United States?
Have advanced directives failed?
Should physicians be allowed to assist in patient suicide?
Should new drugs be given to patients outside clinical trials?
Is abortion immoral? (Do not respond from a legal or ethical perspective)
Should Congress allow the buying and selling of human organs?
Does morality require vegetarianism?
Is torture ever justified?
Should the death penalty be abolished?

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