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Main post=325 words The basics of normal: Location, size, and shape of the heart

by | Jun 21, 2022 | Other | 0 comments


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Main post=325 words
The basics of normal: Location, size, and shape of the heart, pericardial sac; define and distinguish between the pulmonary and systemic circuits
RESEARCH (Label this section)
The explanation / background of the topic- Teach the topic to students. Share interesting and current research on the topic.
Use APA citations in the text to clarify sources.
Reminder: Your textbook should be one of the sources.
CRITICAL THINKING (Label this section, too)
This section is only for your thoughts/conclusions. This is not research based.
Examples: Apply everyday phenomena in terms of the scientific concepts in your research section. Make observations and draw conclusions.
Tips and Tricks for Remembering and Recalling. Is there a mnemonic device that might help you memorize this information or what helps you understand this?
Connect the dots. Why is this an important topic for you, your community, society, or the world? How does it relate to other concepts in the text?
Instructions: Peer Responses 125 Words Each
1. Research:
The amount of blood that is pushed out by each of the two heart ventricles is considered to be the “cardiac output” (Saladin, p. 714). This is measured by the heart rate which occurs in beats per minute, and the stroke volume which is measured in mL per beat. So heart rate x stroke volume = cardiac output. The heart’s main job is to pump oxygenated blood throughout the body to provide muscles, organs, and all other body parts with the essential oxygen for those body parts to perform correctly. In a typical person, roughly four to six liters of blood passes through the heart each minute (Saladin, p. 715). At a lower heart rate, the stroke volume is increased and at a higher heart rate, the stroke volume is decreased. Additionally, some important things that can greatly govern the effect of cardiac output is exercise and healthy diet. Exercise can increase the amount of blood pumped through the heart each minute by 21 Liters. The gap between the resting heart rate cardiac output and the maximum cardiac output is called the cardiac reserve. Those people who are unhealthy and can’t increase their cardiac output much higher than their resting heart rate’s cardiac output have a very small cardiac reserve opposed to someone who can greatly increase the differences between resting and maximum. Some professional athletes can increase their cardiac output by as much as 40 liters per minute (Saladin, p. 715)!
Critical Thinking:
Before accepting this discussion topic, I was unaware of the term “cardiac output.” I find it absolutely astonishing that world class athletes can increase their blood flow by up to 40 liters a minute! It makes me really curious as to what mine is while I ride dirt bikes and go to the gym for my workouts. The hardest part about doing all this exercise isn’t the exercise itself, but the diet. I do my best to stay away from things like ice cream and fast food. I’d also like to think that my (somewhat decent) diet would also contribute to my (hopefully) good cardiac output!
Being over weight can cause so many different health issues. Some of the sideffects of being over weight are fatigue, high blood pressure, tiredness, sleepiness, high cholesterol, diabetes, heart disease and many other things. Losing the weight can help a lot of these sideffects go away. Critical Thinking
America is the most overweight country. We the people cherish food and have so much convenience to on the go fast food restaurants. Life seems so fast paced. It is like we are constantly eating but not exercising. What many people do not know is that exercising and keeping the hearth beating regularly is what helps keeps us healthy and in shape. Walking daily for a certain amount of time each day or a few days a week can help you stay in shape. Getting more aggressive with exercising can help burn calories and lose weight. Being over weight can start to cause a lot of health issues. Losing the weight can help some of those issues go away. I have always been a big girl every since I could remember. I am one of eleven siblings. None of them have ever been big. I use to think that I was adopted because none of my other siblings were big like me. I used to get teased a lot in school but that never bothered me because my sibling had did enough of teasing at home so when I started grade school I was all ready for what ever came my way. Once the kids started to see that name calling bothered me the teasing slowed down. I am still a big girl til this day but I currently have no health issues. I always tell myself that I need to lose weight before all of the problems hit me at once. Some people get to a point where they think that surgery is the only way out. Lately a lot of people have been dying from weight loss surgery because their doctors have not been taking the proper precautions to keep them safe before the surgery even starts.

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