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Invent a product that you want to ‘pitch’ in your Infomercial Presentation. prep

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Invent a product that you want to ‘pitch’ in your
Infomercial Presentation. prepare an INFOMERCIAL PRESENTATION based on the
hypothetical product that you have ‘invented.’ Think of a product that does not
exist, but that you think people would be interested in owning. It need not be
‘feasible,’ or even ‘possible.’ If you want to sell us a skateboard that flies,
go for it. We already have cars that parallel park themselves, but what about a
car that converts to a boat for marine navigation: no more bridge tolls!
(Invent a real, physical product, not an app or software program or service. It
must be a physical product that your customers can purchase, and have
delivered, etc.) You must use PowerPoint presentation software. ASSIGNMENTS Make sure that your presentation
is in the proper (.pptx) format and make sure that it opens and works after
you have uploaded it. with questions or
problems.) Your PowerPoint must have no less than seven (7) slides, and must
include images of your product, contact information (make it up), purchasing
information (how much, how to order), and so forth. You are being graded on
your content and your presentation. Please note: the level of effort that you
put into this assignment will be easy to determine, and easy to grade, based on
your content. Type exactly what you would say while
presenting each slide. Do NOT simply read what is on the slide. Your verbal
presentation is the more important part of the presentation; the slides,
images, and bullet points are only to provide visual support for your verbal
presentation. When designing your PowerPoint presentation, avoid too many words
on the screen, and do not read the captions that accompany your visual images.
Rather, let the visual images and captions serve to highlight what you are
saying as you present each slide. As per Chapter 14, make sure that your
presentation includes: • An interesting opening: o An attention-getting statement, or o A rhetorical question, or o A personal experience, or o An
appropriate quotation; • A statement of purpose (what the speaker wants the
audience to know, believe, and do when the presentation is finished); • An
explanation of what the product is, how it will work, and how the consumer can
purchase one.

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