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Instructions “Music intensifies emotions. This may seem self-evident to us in th

by | Jun 24, 2021 | Music | 0 comments


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“Music intensifies emotions. This may seem self-evident to us in the twenty-first century, but it was during the [Baroque period] that Europeans first set out to develop musical approaches designed to ramp up various emotional states and help listeners experience their diversity more deeply (Forney et al 2018, 112).”
There were numerous musical developments during the Baroque period that exemplified the idea above. Your unit essay should focus on three of those developments. Pick one development or idea from each of the following categories:
Opera or Oratorio
Vocal music
Instrumental music
Give a brief description of the concept and then share why you believe it is an example of “music intensifying emotion” or expression. You should be able to back up your belief with facts or details from the text.
For example, let’s say I chose “word painting”: (don’t use this example in your paper)
Originally a Renaissance period development, word painting was used in sacred and secular vocal music, as well as new genres such as operas and oratorios during the Baroque period. Word painting shaped musical ideas to match the text being sung. As words spoke of Heaven, the music would move higher and higher in pitch. As words spoke of fear and death, the harmony would turn minor and dissonant, as well as emphasize dark and low tone colors. To the listener, this enhanced the meaning of the text along with the emotional state of the music. I believe word painting was so effective that one could remove the text or lyrics and still understand the composer’s intent, while still deeply experiencing the emotion of the piece.
In addition, choose one piece of Baroque music that you believe is representative of this idea. Share your thoughts about the melody, harmony, etc. and how it portrays emotion and/or expression to the listener.
The essay should be at least 2 pages, typed, and double-spaced.
Include a heading with your name, course number, due date, and title of assignment: Baroque Period Essay
Give your essay a creative title
DUE Sunday 6/27 by 11:59pm

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