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Instructions: Following the guidelines for discussion boards in the syllabus and

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Following the guidelines for discussion boards in the syllabus and materials provided in the “all about discussion boards.” Check this link for complete instructions: (Discussion Board Grading and rubric)
Fully address three (3) of the four “textbook” questions and; three (3) of the five “other materials” questions. That’s six (6) questions in all.
Number each response.
Use bold text when referencing a key concept from course materials. (e.g. “My workplace demonstrates mechanical solidarity, which means that…”; or “The main difference between social capital and cultural capital is that…”
NOTE: Remember, you should do 1 original post before midterm and 1 original post after midterm. You will ONLY be graded on your first original post submitted in each of these periods. You should also do two replies to classmates before midterms and two replies to classmates after midterms. You will only be graded on your first two replies in each of these periods.
Discussion Board opportunities help you to:
fully engage with the materials and themes of the class,
explore your own thinking,
apply sociological insights to your own life and to society,
learn from seeing how your classmates approach the material.
Choose one of the foundational sociologists highlighted in this chapter: (Marx, Weber, Durkheim, Addams, or DuBois).
Explain, in your own words, one sociological concept this researcher developed which is discussed in your textbook. Do NOT copy the textbook. Describe how this concept could help you understand or think about an event or situation in your own life. Next, describe how this concept cold help you understand or think about an aspect of American or global society. Don’t forget to use bold when mentioning key concepts!
Explain, in your own words, mechanical solidarity and organic solidarity. Describe your own community in terms of mechanical solidarity and organic solidarity. Based in these concepts, how might someone’s life be different in a society with that has a different kind of solidarity than those you identify for your own? Why might you ideally prefer to live in a society characterized by mechanical solidarity, on one hand, or organic solidarity, on the other?
What did C. Wright Mills mean when he used the phrase “the sociological imagination”? Think of some event in the world or in your own life (different from that used in question 2) and explain how you would use your sociological imagination to help understand it.
Thinking about Granovetter’s theory of riots as an example, discuss how a sociological viewpoint different from a psychological viewpoint. What is one other example where a sociological perspective might be helpful in understanding what is going on? How would this differ from a psychological perspective? Using a sociological viewpoint: Describe one time that someone (or society) influenced your behavior in a positive way, and one time that someone (or society) influenced your behavior in a negative way.
Active Reading Strategies Video: Have you ever encountered the idea of “active reading” before? How does “active reading” differ from other kinds of reading? Choose the active reading strategy you believe will be most helpful in this course, and explain how it can help you to better understand the material.
The Wisdom of Sociology Video: Briefly summarize “the wisdom of sociology” video. How does it make you feel to think about “freedom” in the two ways that Dr. Richards describes? Provide one positive or helpful example when your life was shaped by forces outside of your control and one negative or difficult example.
CCS: What is Sociology? Video: What two things does this video say is key to “the sociological perspective”? For each of them: explain the concept in your own words and describe a situation where this sociological perspective is different from a “common sense” explanation.
CCS: Major Sociological Paradigms Video: How does this video describe the difference between a “raw fact” and an “interpretation”? In what ways are scientific fields dependent on both of these? Give an example of when you interpreted another person’s motivations or actions that went beyond the “raw fact” of the situation.
Sociological Images Reading: Review the list of “Most common occupations for people with a bachelor’s degree in sociology, ages 18 to 34” on this website. Which of these most closely (it’s ok if it’s not exact) reflects your career interests or experiences? What does the chart show about gender and this job? Why do you think this gender pattern exists? In what way does it compare to your own experiences of expectations of this job?

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