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Instructions: In this paper describe someone you know, yourself, a family member

by | Jun 23, 2021 | Psychology | 0 comments


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Instructions: In this paper describe someone you know, yourself, a family
member, a friend or a character in a book, television show, or movie who
suffers with a psychological disorder (e.g., depression, panic attacks,
phobias, bipolar disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, PTSD, &
schizophrenia). Do not use the a real person’s name even if it is
yours. Use a pseudonym.
Diagnosis Paper Please find a fictional character from a
movie, book, or TV show that meets criteria for one or more
psychological disorders in the DSM V. Using this character, write a
paper that discusses the following information:
1. Provide a description of the individual you
will be discussing in your paper.
2. Explain what psychological symptoms the character exhibits and what disorder you think
they may have. 3. Describe the DSM V criteria for the
disorder in which you believe the individual suffers (If the character does
not meet all criteria for a diagnosis, be sure to talk about this in your
4. Explain the general causes of the disorder
(Include both the personal causes from the individual’s life and the general
causes that psychologists believe lead to the disorder).
5. Describe at least three different
treatment options that would be most beneficial to the individual with the
6. Remember to check your grammar, spelling,
& punctuation.
7. Be sure to use APA style in text
references and include a reference list
NOTE: This paper will require you to use at least five scholarly
references (e.g., DSM V, published psychological research articles (TCC library research guide) (Links to an external
site.), the course textbook, and only one website
(e.g., WebMD, Psychology Today, Wikipedia, Verywell Mind, etc.)
**You are expected to use in-text citations
and a reference list using APA format. The paper should be 5 pages in
length (1200 words, excluding title page and references
(12-point font, double-spaced, with 1” margins)and written/formatted using APA
Style (No abstract is necessary).
Use your favorite search engine and search for the the symptoms
and the name of the disorder, for example, (dsm 5 symptoms bipolar disorder).
· Please use APA
style · No cover page or
abstract is necessary
· Minimum 5 references
· Minimum Five pages
(1200 words) in length
· Times New Roman,
12-point font, double-spaced

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