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INSTRUCTIONS for Composing the Fact Sheet: The finished fact sheet should be ap

by | Sep 2, 2022 | Business and Management | 0 comments


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INSTRUCTIONS for Composing the Fact Sheet:
The finished fact sheet should be approximately 1,000 words (give or take 100 words in either direction), block format (Links to an external site.) (single-spaced with a double space between sections, no indents). Go by word count and not by page count (1,000 words is roughly equivalent to about 4 pages of single-spaced text, before any spacing or visuals are added). It should consist of paragraphs, not just lists, but should include some lists within the paragraphs, as appropriate.
Because it is to be composed as an online text, you will incorporate digital resources, including hyperlinks, videos, and images. Note: When reading your document within Turnitin, these links will not be functional, but they will show up as being there by the underlined formatting that automatically happens. I can download your submission as a Word file or PDF to test its functionality when I grade it.
While this is not an assignment in graphic design, a demonstrated awareness of the visual appeal required to engage an online reader is part of the desired outcome. Research shows that online readers prefer to read small chunks of information rather than longer text passages and respond to visual cues to hold their interest. Therefore, your fact sheet must include the following:
Subheadings to mark sections of your text. These subheadings should clearly indicate what the reader should expect to learn about in the section they head up. If you wish, you may use bold, upper case, and/or colored font to draw the eye to the subheadings.
Short paragraphs
Bulleted lists where appropriate to condense a set of information concisely.
At least two images that convey useful, relevant visual information about the company or school, such as photographs, charts or graphs, logos, etc. One (or more) image(s) must be a data graphic, and one or more must be illustrative.
A video that conveys information about the company or school. Use a hyperlink to take the reader to the video, and frame the link with wording that indicates it’s a video, and what it’s about.
Do not use academic-style citations or footnotes. Rather, you should document all sources using hyperlinks within your text that take your reader directly to your sources. Be sure to read the “Integrating Sources with Hyperlinks” page, and follow the guidelines below:
When you insert a hyperlink, only type the name of the source in your text, and not the URL (http://….com).
Be careful to insert the hyperlink accurately, so that the word(s) hyperlinked to take the reader precisely to where they indicate.
Include attribution in your framing of the hyperlinked source, so the reader understands where the source is found.
Use the following example of the above guidelines to help you format your digital source documentation correctly:
The SDSU School Counseling program claims in their mission statement (Links to an external site.) to prepare their graduates to become “student advocates” who will become “culturally competent leaders in educational reform and social justice in the schools and communities they serve.”
For image source attribution, you can select the image itself and insert the hyperlink within the image, or you can type the source in a smaller font beneath the image and hyperlink it there.
Similarly, videos need to be hyperlinked–otherwise, readers would not be able to view them. Be clear in your text that the link readers see leads to a video.
Do not simply copy and paste information from sources; you are to compose this fact sheet, showing an ability to synthesize information, paraphrase and quote directly when appropriate, and attribute information properly to their original sources (see #4 above). Failure to properly paraphrase, quote, and attribute to sources will be considered plagiarism.
A fact sheet is—surprise!—all about the facts, and not about how you feel about those facts, your process of discovery, your goals, or your interests. Therefore, your writing style should be straightforward and impartial–no opinions, no personal comments, no self-references or direct addresses to the reader (no “I” and no “you”). Keep your focus solely on the career or graduate program, and the company, organization, or school you might be applying to in the future.
Your fact sheet grade will be based on the following criteria:
The quality of your research: Sources must be of high quality, reflecting a thorough and thoughtful research process, including an adequate mix of sources from both within and outside the company or school.
The relevancy of the information in terms of helping you to specifically target your future resume and application process.
The accuracy of source attribution, using digital hyperlinks to take readers directly to your sources.
The skill of preparing a document for online reading, using clearly written subheadings, text sections that are chunked to be relatively short (~1-3 paragraphs), properly formatted bulleted lists, hyperlinks, and multimedia sources.
The quality of your writing: Well-written sentences and paragraphs, no typos or writing errors, the successful synthesis of researched information, straightforward style with no personal opinion, and easy-to-follow structure.

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