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Instruction in law term xplain the following how the employer could be sewed Ap

by | Jun 23, 2021 | Law | 0 comments


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Instruction in law
term xplain the following how the employer could be sewed Apon employing the employee
the Company Tttec decided to use the employee cell phone as a means for the
customer service / Fraud Specialist position . prior to that the employee
always had issues with the phone informed the 2 team leads she had before of the issues . The company t
mobile confirmed that the company was having outages in the area the employee
was working. but in stead of the Team Lead doing research or the company asking
for proof of outages Debbie Miller fired with out evidence. Explain how that
leaves Ttec open to law sew and explain how by the company using the employee cell
phone company route the call to that the company had no grounds to fire the
employee with doing research and asking the employee for documentation and
allow the employee to produce it . in the even that the the employee could not
produce or give names and badge numbers of the phone company people who they spoke with then
they had grounds to fire the employee . but the company TTEC re routed calls to the customer cell phone at
there owe risk not company phones so there for they should be held accountable
and can be sewed for wrongful termination of employment and the team lead can
be sew for discrimination and unlawful
firing a employee for retaliation because employee prior to firing contact the
current team leads to ask for help because the team lead Debbie miller was negative
and the prior team leas contacted the senior district manger which lead to the
team lead retaliation and firing the employee . Explain how the employee has text
messages that could be used against the company and the team lead . Explain how if the company were
using there own phone line they had
grounds to fire but because they were using the client phone line fire firing
without facts and evidence is ground for unlawful termination of employment

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