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In this writing assignment, you will write a draft of your thesis statement and

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In this writing assignment, you will write a draft of your thesis statement and the first body paragraph for Essay #1.
This is your first opportunity to present a first draft of Essay #1. Since the beginning of the semester, you have worked on several parts of your essay, but now you get to put if all together. If you have followed Sample Essay #1 so far, you are doing very well. If you have not been following Sample Essay #1, this is your opporunity to start now. Directions
To complete your writing assignment, you should write a 4-paragraph essay that follows the struture of Sample Essay #1, which has the following:
An introduction
Two body paragraphs
A concluding sentence
The introduction (approximately 50-75 words) does the following:
Begins with a summary of the prompt (see below).
Ends with a thesis statement that anwers the topic question (see below) with two reasons (introduced with so that).
The body paragraphs (approximately 100 words each) do the following:
Begin with a topic sentence that is a paraphrase of the thesis statement answer and the first/second reason.
Describe the problem implied in the topic sentence.
Describe how the problem is solved by the solution in the topic sentence.
The concluding paragraph repeats the thesis statement (but paraphrased).
Here are the prompt and topic question for Essay #1:
Prompt: Glendale Community College (GCC) now offers many more online classses than in the past. Many GCC professors are concerned that their students enroll in an online class but still do not know how to access Canvas, use the various Canvas tools correctly, and take exams online. At Richland Community College in Decatur, Illinois, all students must successfully complete a Canvas orientation class before they take any online class. Since Richland Community College started this program in 2015, the retention rate has increased by 7.7%: In other words, fewer students have dropped classes with professors that used Canvas. Some GCC professors and counselors think students should a take short class like this before they can enroll in any online class. Question: Should GCC students be required to take a Canvas tools class?

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