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In this project, you will use the concepts from Nicotra Ch. 1-2 to analyze the r

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In this project, you will use the concepts from Nicotra Ch. 1-2 to analyze the rhetorical situation in a set of texts. These texts all speak to data justice, the theme of our course. You’ll be working with two written texts, two podcasts, and one film for this paper. Analyzing the rhetorical situation in each of the texts and considering how their ideas relate will support your understanding of how communicators make specific choices to craft arguments in a variety of texts.
Your report will include:
A descriptive title that frames the issue at hand. Avoid “Short Rhetorical Analysis Paper” — preview Nicotra Chapter 13 around page 304 for some examples of creative titles
An introduction that uses our course resources, the texts at hand, and/or outside research to define data justice. When we talk about data justice, who are the stakeholders? What key issues or concerns are at the forefront of conversations about data justice? Why is data justice important?
A section that overviews all 5 texts, their authors, and their arguments. In this section, you will use your definition from the introduction to situate the texts within the ongoing conversation around data justice. How are their arguments approaching data justice? Who is arguing? What are their different positions?
A section that discusses how the texts relate to each other: Do they respond to each other, cite or quote each other? How do they take up similar ideas? Are there differences in the way they use terms?
A section that focuses on just one of these texts, examining it in the terms Nicotra uses in Chapters 1-2
rhetorical appeals: logos, pathos, ethos
The report will be typed, 1,000-1,500 words long, double-spaced, and follow MLA formatting and citation style. The MLA 8 website has detailed instructions
(Links to an external site.)
for headings, margins, spacing, and more. You’re expected to adhere to MLA 8th Edition citations for quotations, paraphrasing, and any other time that you use material from an outside source, including the texts you’re using for this project. If you have any questions about whether or how to use a citation, consult our handbook, the UNC Chapel Hill Writing Center website, or me.

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