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In the Selection of Subjects section of your proposal, you will describe how you

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In the Selection of Subjects section of your proposal, you will describe how you will select your sample from the total possible subjects. Depending on the data-collection method you plan to employ, either probability or nonprobability sampling may be appropriate for your study. Similarly, this aspect of your proposal may involve the sampling of subjects or informants, or it could involve the sampling of corporations, cities, books, and so forth.
Your proposal, then, must specify what units you will be sampling among, the data you will use for purposes of your sample selection (your sampling frame, for instance), and the actual sampling methods you plan to use.
If you were actually going to be doing the study that you are proposing, you would need to file an application with the Institutional Review Board (IRB) at BVU. You are not going to be doing the study, so you do not need to file an application. However, it is important to know that this is a requirement when doing a study. This is for the protection of research subjects: avoiding harm, safeguarding their privacy, and so forth.
In the Ethical Issues section of your paper you will want to include a discussion of the ethical risks involved in your study and the steps you will take to avoid them. Perhaps you will prepare forms to ensure the subjects are aware of and give their informed consent to the risks that may be involved as a result of their participation. The terms anonymous and/or confidential are likely to appear in your discussion.
This section should be 5-7 paragraphs in length, double spaced and in APA formatted. This assignment is due on Sunday.
This assignment should include the following: An APA formatted cover page, including a running head and page number.
You may or may not include your Introduction, Literature Review, Specifying the Problem, Research Design, and Data Collection Method in this assignment. Some people prefer to build on what they have and others prefer to keep the sections separate until compiling them. Only the Selection of Sample and Ethical Issues sections will be graded and commented on. These should be separate headings.
If you plan on using an Informed Consent letter, include one in your assignment.
Use headings to organize your information. Review information from Week 1 regarding the use of headings.
APA Reference page for any cited information.
This assignment will be graded based on the following criteria:
Quality of content including the ability to identify how you will obtain your sample, who your sample will consist of, how you will select your final sample with, communicated in detail that is specific in nature so that it can be replicated, identify ethical issues that may impact the selection of subjects and the study of them. (10 points)
Quality of writing and mechanics such as thesis statement, organization, grammar and spelling. (5 points)
APA formatting that includes the cover page, margins, font, page numbers, in-text citations, and references. (10 points)

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