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In response to their question about qualification for greatness in the kingdom o

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In response to their question about qualification for greatness in the kingdom of God, Jesus reminded his disciples that he “came not to be served but to serve” (Matthew 20:28). Jesus modeled service throughout his life on earth. He also taught the importance of serving those in need (the “least of these”, Matthew 25:40-45). In this assignment, students will reflect on the importance of service as central to Jesus’s teachings.
Write a 3-page essay in which you design a project that would be a Jesus-style service project during these isolating times. For example, can your family make cards and deliver them to care facilities? Can you check in on neighbors through social media or text message or email? Can you order a meal for an elderly neighbor or pick up supplies for someone who is at risk? How can you build a caring community spirit during times of quarantine? Use specific supporting examples from the Gospel of Matthew to support what care and love might entail for a follower of Jesus. After completing the service project, you will write a three-page response essay addressing the following: What changes have you experienced in how you think about the people you served? What did you learn about the people who work in this type of agency? How has your view of yourself changed as a result of this experience? What did you learn about being a servant? Discuss in relationship to Jesus’s teaching & modeling service in Matthew. I have chosen to fulfill option one I would like to send an email to my neighbor who recently lost his wife to a stroke. I have spoken to him in the past she was a retired nurse, and he is a retired teacher. I would like to send him an email so he and I can read our book, Will, we both decided that we would purchase this book and we cook discuss what we like bout it over email or via text messages. I have chosen to love thy neighbor as I love myself according to Matthew 20:26-28 if you want to be great just like God you must serve, be one of his many workers and followers you have to help and assist your neighbors, friends, or family. God. I view Jesus’ words as follows worship me, follow me, and do as I say because it is written. Jesus showed his disciples many ways to serve people, he cured them, honored them, and loved each and every one of them by dying on the christ for our sins. Servant Leadership how I view it today, there are a lot of servants, we have pastors, teachers, mothers, fathers, and grandparents, I believe strongly we were all put on this earth to follow and obey Jesus we are the here and now people, we are molding the future our children they will be the ones who take care of us. In today’s world, our leadership is also our president he leads the United States of America, we are living in a political view, In God, we trust one nation overall. Serving God in today’s world is reading the bible, saying our daily prayers, taking time out of your day no matter how busy you are, and just giving honor to God.

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