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In light of recent circumstances regarding school safety, such as school shootin

by | Jun 23, 2022 | English | 0 comments


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In light of recent circumstances regarding school safety, such as school shootings, bomb threats, lack of security personnel preparedness, inconsistent security measures at school, etc., should parents homeschool their children?
Remember that in a Classical argument, the writer must choose a side on the topic and defend that side by providing logical reasons WHY parents should or should not homeschool their children.
We will be using the Classical model for this assignment which includes the following parts. Use the sub-headings in blue within your paper to show that you are including all of these sections.
Title the paper something interesting yet relevant.
Exordium: This is the attention-getter, a short paragraph that grabs readers’ attention and establishes the importance of the issue.
Narratio: This is the overview of the topic. Give a brief history of the topic or any relevant information that the reader needs to know to better understand the topic. If you need to define terms, state laws, or give background information on the topic, this is the paragraph to do it in. In this paragraph you will likely need to cite sources because you will be writing information that is not common knowledge.
Partitio: This is the paragraph where you explain what side of the issue you are on. It is where you state the Thesis Statement to let the reader know why you are on this side of the issue.
Confirmatio: This part of the research paper is going to have multiple paragraphs. You need a paragraph to explain each of the REASONS why you believe what you believe. That means that if you have three reasons, then you will have three body paragraphs in this section. Elaborate by using the three rhetorical appeals: ethos, pathos, logos, that we discussed this week. For these paragraphs you will need to cite sources to show that you have conducted research to support your opinion.
Refutation: This is the paragraph where you will be addressing any opposing views and refuting them by providing counter arguments. An opposing view is what opponents say about the topic. Why do they believe what they believe? A refutation is stating what is wrong with the opponent’s logic.
Peroratio: This is the conclusion of the paper. Reinforce your thesis statement and main points. Inspire readers to take action.

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