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In 1932 the United States government conducted an experiment related to the effe

by | Jun 22, 2022 | Medicine and Health | 0 comments


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In 1932 the United States government conducted an experiment related to the effects of untreated
syphilis on African American men. This study involved 600 men (399 of which were infected
with syphilis; 201 were a control group and were not infected) and resulted in the severe
mistreatment of the participants. The subjects were misled about the study and were never told
about their diagnosis of syphilis and were instead told they were being treated for “bad blood.”
This led to the men unknowingly passing syphilis to others. In addition, Penicillin was withheld
from the participants, even though it could cure syphilis. The study was intended to last 6
months, but it went on for 40 years. The Tuskegee Syphilis Study is generally considered the
most egregious example of a medical human rights violation committed by the United States
government and resulted in the establishment of ethical standards related to the rights of subjects
to participate (or refuse to participate) in medical studies, their rights to be fully informed about
what a study requires, and their rights to know both the risks and benefits of participating. Your
task is to watch this video (link is below) and write a reflection of approximately 2 double-
spaced pages (you must have a minimum of 1.5 pages) of actual text, not including your
name, title, date, etc. (you do not have to include this information, but if you do, please note that
it does not count towards your 1 full page). You should also use standard font (Times New
Roman or Calibri), font size (no greater than 12-point), and margins (no greater than 1-inch).
There is no right or wrong answer for this assignment, but you should use a MINIMUM
of 3 specific examples from the video in your paper. If you do not use specific examples from
the video, you will receive significant point deductions. Please distinguish your specific
examples from the rest of your statements by highlighting, bolding, using quotation marks,
changing the font color, etc. You will receive a point deduction if you do not distinguish
your examples. Except for the highlighted question (#1) you DO NOT necessarily have to
answer every question. The other questions are simply listed as a guide to get you started and
provide suggestions for what you can write about. You are free to focus on as many, or as few,
questions as you like, provided you do #1; in fact, if you choose, you can use your entire paper to
address this question. You do not have to number your responses—just write in paragraph form.
You will be graded on spelling and grammar and how thoroughly you address the topic.
(17) Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment Documentary – YouTube
1. Discuss how the dimensions of wellness (you should mention at least 3 of them) of the
participants were affected by their involvement of this study. REQUIRED
2. How did this study violate the four principles of informed consent? The principles can be
found here: What is Informed Consent in Healthcare? 4 Principles, Important & Laws
3. In your opinion, what should the United States have done to compensate the victims of this
4. What impact did the race and social class of the participants have on the violations
committed by the United States government?

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