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Imagine that you are the administrator of a home health care agency. It is a sta

by | Jun 22, 2022 | Healthcare | 0 comments


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Imagine that you are the administrator of a home health care agency. It is a startup venture, with fewer than 20 clients, and so you must decide whether to use a paper-based system or implement an EHR system, then conduct a cost/benefit analysis of implementing an electronic system versus using a paper-based system.
You might want to consider whether providers will document using EHRs in clients’ homes or carry paper charts. Patient privacy and billing are also important considerations. Discuss the problems that may arise in the future as a result of unwillingness to adopt the electronic health record as well as how changes to medical care can impact record keeping. Your cost/benefit analysis will include a comparison representing both the choice to adopt the electronic health records and as the choice to use paper records. Explain the pros and cons for each and its impact on its revenue stream.
Create a PowerPoint presentation.
Presentation should be 5–7 slides in length.
The speaker’s notes area should contain detailed information while the slides appear uncluttered.
The presentation should include at least one slide for each of the following requirements:
Include an overview of the project synopsis.
The purpose of the analysis
Problem issue to be addressed including cost/benefits
What criteria will be used to select the best alternative?
Include a choice.
Summarize key facts.
State your recommendations.
Include a cost/benefit analysis in table format.
You may access the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality website, specifically the Health Information Technology Archive page, and review the example of the cost/benefit analysis.

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