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If a company is sued or falls under government investigation, anything an employ

by | Sep 2, 2022 | Creative Writing | 0 comments


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If a company is sued or falls under government investigation, anything an employee writes/has written may fall under legal scrutiny. Companies are called on to produce emails, IMs, voice messages, and anything other company communication the lawyers may want.
Keeping the barriers of communication in mind, you are to locate a lawsuit that was/is based on a failure to communicate, no more than ten years old. Find a company that was sued because the communication was called into question (discriminatory language, or unclear emails, letters, reports, interviews, etc.). Your written response should include:
The situation. What happened that led to the lawsuit?
The response. What does each side claim?
The result. Has a verdict been ruled or has the suit been settled?
Your interpretation. What do you see as the main communication errors? What could have been done differently to clarify each party’s needs? Did both parties act ethically?
Please remember to respond in a professional manner, including proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation. The assignment should be around two (2) pages, double-spaced. Any outside sources should be cited properly in MLA or APA format. Always include a heading on your document with your name, class, and date. Also, use the submission guidelines under the syllabus for titling your files.
Learning Outcomes: By completing this assignment, students will
Identify the major verbal and nonverbal barriers to communication
Discuss potential legal consequences of communication
Analyze the ethics of communication
Revise for content, style, tone, and correctness
Analyze the writing situation for audiences and purposes.

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