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Identify the book: author, title, publisher

by | Nov 21, 2022 | History | 0 comments


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Identify the book: Author, Title, publisher
2. What is the aim of the book? What is the author trying to
3. What is the author’s plan of attack? In other words, how is
the author attempting to accomplish his/her goals?
4. Evaluation: Is the work successful? How do you know?
a. Primary sources
b. Secondary sources
c. Writing style
d. Organization
e. Analysis
i. Logical
i. Supported
ill. Convincing
5. Conclusion
a. Your appraisal revisited
b. Uses for the book?
Your review will be far more interesting if you can do the above
with a focus. SO – what did you learn from this book about
ancient history and culture? ALTERNATIVELY, was Mayor
successful in defining the idea of robots and artificial
intelligence in the ancient mindset? OR Is Mayor’s idea to
explore ancient myth through the technology a good way to “do”
history? Don’t try to answer all these questions.
Choose your own focus and run with it – but be able to
demonstrate that you have a firm understanding of the whole

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