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identify a character in a movie or show that has a disorder. For movies, here is

by | Aug 5, 2022 | Psychology | 0 comments


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identify a character in a movie or show that has a disorder.
For movies, here is a list and the character to observe:
“Silver Linings Playbook” – character: Pat Solitano
“Girl, Interrupted” – character: Susanna Kaysen
“Margot at the Wedding” – character: Margot
“Perks of Being a Wallflower” – character: Charlie
“A Beautiful Mind” – character: John Nash
“Born on the Fourth of July” – character: Ron Kovic
“Rain Man” – character: Raymond Babbitt
“A Brilliant Young Mind” – character: Nathan Ellis
“The Road Within” – character: Alex
“Intruders” – character: Anna
“Frankie & Alice” – character: Frankie
“Joker” – character: The Joker (NOTE: The diagnosis should not be the medical disorder Psuedobulbar Affect)
“As Good as it Gets” – character: Melvin Udall
“The Aviator” – character: Howard Hughes
“Helen” – character: Helen
“Still Alice” – character: Alice.
1. Identify the disorder of the specific character. The character must have a disorder except for Autism Spectrum Disorder.
2. Describe the specific behaviors that the character exhibits
3.that MEET CRITERIA for the disorder OR do NOT MEET CRITERIA. You need to explain the character’s behaviors that show the disorder or lack thereof. Look for DSM-V diagnostic criteria for the disorder, then see how the character’s behavior matches. All diagnoses have multiple criteria. Make sure to point out enough criteria to make a diagnosis. If you pick someone with schizophrenia and you say they had hallucinations, you will not get all of the points available.
3.Identify ONE treatment that would be a good treatment for this disorder (whether or not the character actually demonstrated the criteria for the disorder). Explain why you would use that treatment using research data that points to the treatment being effective Your personal opinion that it will work IS NOT sufficient.
4. use correct spelling and grammar.
This is not a paper. Simply number 1-3 and write your answers using complete sentences. Numbers 2 & 3 should have a few sentences.

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