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Part 1: Site Comps (worth 125 points)
Individually, you must create digital comps of the site’s home page
and at least three (3) inside pages; a total of at least four (4) comps
is required for the assignment. These comps must reflect a new design
that is based on your user research. Prior to creating your comps, you
should discuss with your teammates which interior pages you want to
target; these targeted pages should be ones that your team found needed
the most user-experience work based on your usability tests.
To create your comps, you can use prototyping software like Figma,
InVision or Adobe XD. Additionally, you can submit your comps created
with HTML or Photoshop if you choose. If you choose to do HTML comps,
the comps should not contain any functionality (links should not go to
any pages, etc), and you must include screenshots of each page along
with the URL of each comp. If you are submitting Photoshop comps, you
must submit a JPG or PNG file of each page. Any text content should be
actual content from the site. Any images should be actual images from
the site, unless the current images were found to be insufficient and/or
not appropriate.
Although this is an individual assignment, you should consult your
teammates about design decisions. All comps from team members should be
complementary but not the same. Think of this assignment as if you would
be presenting the comps to the client, and the client would choose one
to go with for the final design.
You are NOT required to submit comps of the home page and at least
three (3) inside pages of the website in mobile view for this
assignment. However, if you do, it will be looked upon favorably when
Part 2: Design Explanation (worth 25 points)
In this part, you must include an explanation of your design process
for the mockups. THOROUGHLY explain your thought process as you were
creating the mockups. Explain your design thinking in the new layout and
design for the pages. If you changed colors, typography or other visual
design elements, explain why. You MUST use your testing and evaluation
results from the entire course as justification for your decisions. Your
write-up should be a minimum of 500 words and be submitted with the
project (submit a PDF, don’t try to use Canvas notes).
Grading Criteria:
The following is the grading rubric for the assignment, with points possible in parentheses:
Site Comps:
Home page comp included and complete (out of 10 points)
Inside page comps included and complete (out of 30 points)
Layout appropriate for site and facilitates finding information easily (out of 15 points)
Design is appropriate for brand and visually pleasing for users (15 points)
Comps address issues from team presentation and/or other evaluations (out of 20 points)
Text content from site (out of 10 points)
Image content from site (out of 10 points)
Comp format either JPG, PDF or HTML (out of 5 points)
Information architecture matches IA testing results (out of 10 points)
Design Explanation:
Design write-up is thorough and appropriate (out of 20 points)
Design write-up is at least 500 words (out of 5 points)

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