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This course is primarily based on the role of the school counselor and a comprehensive school counseling program within the context of a K-12 learning community. The examination of an effective school counseling program is conducted through a systematic, data-driven process that illuminates areas of strength and growth in addressing that expectation/opportunity/achievement gaps that characterize American schools. Through your engagement in course activities, readings, and course discussions, you will develop an ongoing case study of a school counseling program of your choice including a program audit, interview with a site counselor, and an analysis of areas of opportunity for and threat to well-being.
Each candidate will submit a 5-page paper incorporating material from each of the units covered throughout the course and focusing on the school site used for the program audit assignment. The final paper will encompass the data provided from the audit, salient points of the counselor interview, and content from the various units addressing how the school counseling program addresses the needs and well-being of ALL students. Students should highlight (a) school site data, (b) data obtained through the program audit and counselor interview, and (c) site programs and practices (or absence thereof) that positively or negatively impact student outcomes and well- being. Resultswillbepresentedtotheclassduring the last session.
Please login to vital source and gather quotes from the books listed below the paper must have four sources and include the counselor interview that I have attached.

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