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Begin by reading one of the two reading selections provided to you this week in Moodle.
“Raised by YouTube” by Alexis Madrigal
“The Border Patrol State” by Leslie Marmon Silko
The reading that you select will be the base text used for the Textual Analysis writing assignment.
The purpose of this discussion is to practice writing about what you found in your critical reading of the text you are using for your textual analysis. For this discussion, you will focus specifically on two concepts from the source you will use for your textual analysis: claims and evidence. Your goal this week will be to be able to find at least two claims in the reading you select, and two examples of evidence within the same reading.
Creating a Claim Paragraph
1. What is the claim (the Topic Sentence)?
identify the various kinds of claims the author uses to support her overall ideas.
2. What type of claim is it? Why?
Provide examples from the text to support your identifications.
Creating an Evidence Paragraph
1. What type of evidence does the author use to support this claim?
identify and summarize the kinds of evidence used for each claim.
2. What explanation is provided?
3. What details are provided?
4 What type of evaluation is provided?
Evaluate the evidence. Is this evidence convincing? What other evidence could the writer use to make a stronger claim?
The order should be:
Claim 1 paragraph
Evidence for Claim 1 Paragraph
Claim 2 paragraph
Evidence for Claim 2 Paragraph
Proper MLA formatting needs to be used. This means you need to include proper in-text citation and a Work Cited page with your assignment.
The paragraphs you write in this discussion can be used in the Textual Analysis writing assignment. At this point, the paragraphs do not have to be detailed or very long, but the more effort you put into this assignment, the less you will need to do later.

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