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HIUS 360
This assignment will allow you to synthesize the content you have examined and learned in this course. It will enable you to demonstrate your ability to form historical interpretations and logical arguments based on evidence gathered from primary and secondary source materials.
You will write a 3-4-page research-based paper that focuses on the topic selected and approved as part of your research design assignment. This topic is on a subject of historical significance in American economic or business history before 1960. This paper is to be written in the current Turabian format utilizing the Turabian template. The title page and bibliography are not included in the 3-4-page requirement. The paper must include at least 5 total sources (3 primary sources and 2 scholarly secondary sources).
The goal is for you to practice the skills you learned during this course and to exhibit an understanding of the knowledge you have gained of American economic and business history.
Your paper must include the following:
1. A discernable introduction and conclusion paragraph.
2. A clear thesis that answers a historically significant question.
3. Be based on primary source evidence with significant support from secondary interpretations. The sources must be a good mix of evidence, and the secondary sources must consist of both books and articles.
4. A strong narrative that systematically marshals the evidence to support the thesis.
5. Significant engagement with professional interpretations of the background or specific topic you researched.
6. You will use the Turabian Notes – Bibliography citation style. Consult the LUO Online Writing Center for formatting considerations regarding margins, fonts, and spacing. You must use footnotes with the Turabian footnote citation style within the paper. Then, you must use the Turabian bibliographic format for the bibliography. Do not include access dates or URLs unless the source exists only in the digital space.

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