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Hi, I need a reply for my class discussion forum. I chose this student article.

by | Jun 22, 2022 | Other | 0 comments


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Hi, I need a reply for my class discussion forum. I chose this student article. please explain if you are agree with her or not and why. 100 words is enough.
One of the groups that migrate within Latin America are the Indigenous Peruvian people into Chile. Similar to the immigrants that enter into the United States, Peruvian people move from their country of origin in search of opportunity. The Peruvian people migrate to Chile for reasons, “most centering on disparities in economic and political stability, violence, and the advantage of proximity” (Overmyer-Velazquez, 2018, p. 30). Chile is also the immigration point for many ethnic communities. Entering ethnic group were never afforded the same or equitable protections and support as native Chilleans and White European settlers. Another group that migrated within Latin America were the Nicaraguans to Costa Rica. The Nicaraguans mostly move from their homes in Nicaragua to Costa Rica in search of a better life that can be achieved through new employment opportunities. In addition, the government of Costa Rica, regardless of the original nationality of the individual, offers a free and public education to all children to the 5th grade. According to the video, people entering Costa Rica experience minimal challenges to enter the country, making movement simple. While opportunities do exist in Costa Rica, many Nicaraguans are taken advantage of and exploited because of their immigration status.
The United States mostly focuses their attention on American issues. More specifically, local news focuses on local events. As a nation we are absorbed by our own scandals and issues that impact the country. We hear of the immigration issues that are ours because our borders are “invaded” by the people who challenge “the fabric of America ”. As I have traveled in the world, the United States appears to be a nation completely focused on American issues. News in other countries share a global perspective. The Latin American countries and their issues of humanity,or lack there of, will only be exposed if it directly impacts Wall Street.

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