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Hello this is my 1st Assessment to my next course. I will send you everything yo

by | Jun 25, 2021 | Psychology | 0 comments


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Hello this is my 1st Assessment to my next course. I will send you everything you need and rubic.
It doesnt say on the intructions how many pages or apa style. I guess you will figure it out and I will
send you more money if needed.
Your first IBM SPPS assessment includes two sections in which you will:
Create two histograms.
Calculate measures of central tendency and dispersion.
This will give you some experience with the data set.
Key Details and Instructions
Submit your assessment as a Word document.
Refer to the IBM SPSS Step-By-Step Instructions: Histograms and Descriptive Statistics [DOC] for additional help in completing this assessment and to the Copy/Export Output Instructions [HTML] for additional help in completing this assessment.
As you work on this assessment, you may find the Data Set Instructions [DOCX] helpful.
Provide a title for your document and your name.
The grades.sav file is a sample SPSS data set. The data represent a teacher’s recording of student demographics and performance on quizzes and a final exam across three sections of the course. Each section consists of 35 students (N = 105). There are 21 variables in grades.sav.
Part 1
Create two histograms for visual interpretation using the following variables using the grades.sav data set:
SPPS Variable Definition
Gender female =1; male=2
Final final exam: number of correct answers
Create two histograms and paste them into your Word document:
A histogram for male students.
A histogram for female students.
Briefly describe what a visual inspection of this output tells you about the nature of the curves.
Part 2
Create a descriptives table to assess measures of central tendency and dispersion using the following variables:
SPPS Variable Definition
GPA Previous grade point average
Quiz3 Quiz 3: number of correct answers
Create a descriptives table and paste it into your Word document. Under the table:
Report the mean, standard deviation, skewness, and kurtosis for GPA and quiz3.
Briefly describe what skewness and kurtosis tell you about these data with regard to normality.
Submit both sections of your assessment as an attached Word document.
The following statistical analysis software is required to complete your assessments in this course:
IBM SPSS Statistics Standard or Premium GradPack, version 24 or higher, for PC or Mac.
You have access to the more robust IBM SPSS Statistics Premium GradPack.
Please refer to the Statistical Software page on Campus for general information on SPSS software, including the most recent version made available to Capella learners.
Make sure that your SPSS software is downloaded and installed with fully activated licensing on your computer and running properly within your operating system (PC or Mac). If you need help with these steps, refer to the SPSS Installation Helper.

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