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Hello all,

by | Nov 9, 2022 | Management homework help | 0 comments


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APA format
175 – 265 words
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11/8/2022, at 11:38 AM
Hello All,
In 2018 I was involved in one of the most complex projects I can have ever experienced. The company I work for was did a complete conversion of the core system that all of our branch employees use to process transactions for members, process loans, open accounts, and other maintenance account related tasks. My position in that project was to help the training department learn the in’s and out’s of the system because my team would be responsible for training the entire organization on how to use the system and stand in as support once the flip was switched and the system went live. 
The project for my team and I started with an external trainer coming in and doing 2 weeks of “train-the-trainer” so that my team and I learned the system, study job aids, and practice using the system. Once the first two weeks were over is when the real work started because the team and I had to work with retail management to determine how we wanted to use the system for our business and what processes we wanted to implement. Once that was determined we started creating job aids on how to complete a number of transactions, process loans, and opening account step by step. Some PowerPoints were also created for deliver of the session to employees.
Once all the training materials, job aids, and the training site was active and ready for training the system to employees we created this massive training schedule for 200+ employees to be scheduled for and attendance was mandatory. Each employee was to be scheduled to attend a total of 8 training sessions and after attending each session they were required to attend 2 hours in the lab to complete hands on practice using the system. We had to also schedule make up session because we unfortunately had some employees who were not able to attend some of the session that were scheduled after the first round of sessions. Then entire training plan was 5-7 months and the timing of it’s completion was in sync with the rest of the project plan.
The project manager of the entire project was incredible. The communication was timely and by use of a GANT chart the project manager kept everyone in line and well informed. As stated in the Wrike (2022). Project managers must be highly organized, detail-oriented, and possess excellent people skills — after all, they are responsible for leading the team and communicating clearly and regularly with all relevant parties. The project manager of the project was exactly as described above. Had it not been for this project manager, I don’t believe the project would have been as successful as it was.
Wrike (2022).

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