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Harina M. Kesete Snellville, Georgia 30078 Phone: 4048202713 E-Mail: harinakeset

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Harina M. Kesete
Snellville, Georgia 30078
Phone: 4048202713
Patient and family advocacy
Epic electronic charts
Wound Vac care
Patient and task Prioritization
Staff Collaboration
Patient Motivation
Intravenous therapy
Tube and drain care
Transport and set-up
Patient assessment
Strong clinical Judgment
Skilled and safe medication administration
Effective Communication.
Compassion and patience.
Flexibility, adaptability, and emotional stability.
Proactive, ethical, and responsible nature.
Effective team-player.
Strong work ethic.
September 2021 to Current
Wellstar Hospital Atlanta Medical Center: Level 1 Trama center Atlanta
Level 1 Orthopedic Trauma Registered Nurse
Experience in direct nursing care of adult Orthopedic, Trauma and Medical Surgical patient population.
Experience with EPIC charting
Effective use of nursing process, IV insertion,PICC line and Midline care.
Compassionate communication and education of patient and families.
Effective patient pain management and PCA pump use.
Delivered Pre and post Operative care for Trauma Patients.
Provided Preventative Health
Administered medications to patients and monitored patient vital signs.
Monitored, recorded and reported symptoms or changes in patients conditions.
Delegated and prioritized assignments and nursing tasks based on individual staff strengths and expertise.
Completed detailed patient intakes, including documenting patient histories and current vitals.
Consulted and coordinated with healthcare team members to assess, plan, implement and evaluate patient care plans.
Monitored patients closely to spot problems and reported serious concerns to treating physicians for timely interventions.
Readied rooms, supplies and instruments for upcoming procedures and expected patients.
Personable and compassionate, with effective customer service and communication skills.
Adept at building productive relationships and building rapport with patients, staff, and individuals at any level or background.
Managing time, prioritizing tasks, and exercising sound judgment.
February 2020 Chamberlain University Atlanta , GA
Bachelor of Science Nursing
Registered Nurse (RN) COMPACT licenses, Exp. 01/31/2023
NIHSS Ceritfied
Basic Life support BLS Certified , Exp 08/2023
Advance Care Life Support( ACLS) American Heart Association Certified, Exp 08/2024
Tigrinya – Fluent

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