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Guidelines Go to the AU library homepage. Locate and download an article from a

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Go to the AU library homepage. Locate and download an article from a peer-reviewed journal on a topic that interests you. This article needs to be a report of a research study published in the past five years.
Tip: If this is not clear to you, review Unit 1.
When deciding which research study might work well for Assignment 1, look for a study in which you can clearly identify the research question, approach, ethical considerations, design, and findings.
Tip: Depending on your discipline (e.g., nursing, health administration, dental hygiene, physiotherapy, public health inspection), choose appropriate search terms to narrow the field to discipline-specific research to find an article written by researchers from your discipline.
Note: Once you have located an article, email your instructor, and include a persistent link to the article, or attach a copy of the article to the email.You are responsible for making sure your tutor has a readable copy of your article. Please do not send URLs from libraries other than AU, because your instructor will not be able to retrieve these.
Prepare a brief (8–12 slides) PowerPoint presentation to disseminate the details of this research study to your NURS 328 classmates. You might even think about preparing this PowerPoint for your colleagues at your place of work.
The content of your presentation must include a title slide indicating the title of the presentation, your name, and your credentials. Next, you will include a clearly stated research question, and then accurately identify the research approach (qualitative or quantitative). Ethical considerations such as issues related to consent, research ethics board approval, and treatment of vulnerable populations should be outlined. The details related to the research design need to be described briefly. An important part of this presentation is dissemination of the research findings. The findings are the answer to the research question. People are usually most interested in the findings, so address these in some detail. Additionally, use a slide or two to provide your perspective as to the value of the study findings to evidence-based/evidence-informed practice.
The format of your presentation will also be graded for number of slides (8–12); accuracy, conciseness, readability of slides; design of slides; accuracy of grammar, spelling, and punctuation; and accuracy of APA format on your conclusion slide that cites the article using current APA format.
Submit using the links in the Assessment section of the course home page. Make sure you also include the persistent link URL or PDF copy of your article. Your assignment will be graded after the tutor has your article.
After you receive feedback from your tutor on your presentation, revise your work as recommended. You do not need to resubmit Assignment 1 to your tutor following this revision. Post your revised presentation to the Dissemination Forum for others in the class to view.
Assignment 1 is due after you have completed Unit 4.

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