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For this assignment, you will use your new understanding of social constructs to

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For this assignment, you will use your new understanding of social constructs to investigate a construct in the media. For example, you might ask, “How are black families portrayed in sitcoms?” Black families are a construct; sitcoms are the media you’re interested in. To answer your question, you will do primary research by watching sitcoms and taking notes. You will then come up with 3-4 themes you’ve found, which you must support with more than one example. For example, maybe you find that black families are portrayed as “close-knit, loud, and supportive.” You will use your essay to prove this, using several sitcoms as evidence.
Learning Objectives
Apply understanding of social constructivism and social constructs to the media
Incorporate primary and secondary research to support a claim
Apply MLA format for in-text citations and a Works Cited page
Constructs Project Organization
Provides a hook to engage the reader’s interest and exigence.
Leads from the hook to the thesis statement.
End with a Thesis Statement: Identifies 3-4 themed characteristics of your construct, as defined by the medium you investigated, and a verb that connects it to the hegemonic view of that construct. Examples:
Body Paragraphs (3-4): Each body paragraph will explore evidence/examples of how your construct is defined in the medium you investigated.
Follow the TEA method (Topic Sentence, Evidence, Analysis)
Evidence will include primary examples from the media (scenes from a movie, social media posts, etc) as well as secondary research to support your argument (articles, credible blogs, etc)
Body paragraphs will follow the order you established in your thesis.
Reiterates the main points of the essay
Provides a final thought for the reader (relates back to exigence)
Formal Requirements
2-3 pages in length
A Works Cited page with 5 sources minimum:
Primary sources – you should have at least 3 primary sources (examples of your media, for example movies or social media posts)
Secondary sources – you should have at least 2 secondary sources (such as credible articles or blog posts from the web)
In-text citations for sources used (use handbook or

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