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For this assignment you will select a town or city in BC and highlight the follo

by | Jun 23, 2021 | Geography | 0 comments


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For this assignment you will select a town or city in BC and highlight the following requirements. Your report should provide a good idea of what the community looks like, the natural environment of the region, what the livelihoods of the residents are, and what challenges it faces now and in the future. A list of BC places will be provided for online selection.
Your report should address the following questions for your chosen place:
1. The situation (location) and site characteristics. Why did settlement originally occur at this particular location? What are the site’s favourable aspects?
2. A brief history.
What key events have shaped the development of this place?
3. Key aspects of the natural environment in the region.
What are the dominant landscape & climate characteristics? How has this influenced the economy of the region?
4. **Significant changes.
Explain demographic changes, and how the economy has transformed over time. 5. **Current and future challenges. How resilient is this community? Consider a wide range of challenges (ie. youth employment, aging population,
climate change, access to healthcare, resource management, globalization.)
6. Touristic opportunities.
Why visit this place? What are some of the highlights for tourists to this region. Points to think about in preparing your assignment:
After submission, assignments will be available online to all class members for study purposes. Be selective and concise, and highlight the most important information. A map is essential.
Be analytical: this is not a tourism brochure. Use local sources of information to determine local issues. For example, local newspapers or websites.
Citing sources of information:
Any factual information or ideas which are not your own need to be cited. All written text needs to be expressed in your own words; quotes should be used sparingly or not at all. Plagarism will give you an “F”. You must include a reference page that cites all of the sources of information for your presentation You must use proper APA format for your reference page — it’s not acceptable to supply only the web address. Evaluation:
This assignment is worth 25% of your mark. Your work will be graded on the following:
completeness: key information has been supplied; aim for 800-1000 words
accuracy: information comes from reliable sources
well-written: no grammatical or spelling errors
references: proper citation format

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