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For this assignment you will role play. Presume that you are the manager of one

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For this assignment you will role play. Presume that you are the manager of one of the teams identified in the Week 1 course project and that you have been asked to lead a new project team. Your task is to create a virtual team consisting of experts from across the country who will share best practices. Members of your virtual team could include some representatives from the three teams you identified in Week 1. The goal of the new, virtual project team is to enhance organizational knowledge. In your role play scenario, a number of senior organizational members expect to retire in the next few years. Capturing their knowledge and wisdom will be crucial.
Your report should cover the following:
Provide a brief description of the team, its purpose, the organization, and the current situation. Because this is a role play, you may create hypothetical details as needed to fill “gaps” in the scenario.
Evaluate how you would invite possible remote members of this new team.
Evaluate some of the processes used to form the team without having to incur significant travel costs.
Define the virtual team mission all members will authentically own.
Assess the external forces that could confine the team’s capabilities and decision making.
Assess the potential conflicts that could arise from this new virtual team.
Justify how you will run the virtual meetings.
Analyze the various types of intrinsic and extrinsic motivation needed to ensure maximum participation.
Defend how you will obtain management support for this venture.
Justify five strategic measures to demonstrate the effectiveness of the virtual team.
Utilize scholarly sources from the South University Online Library to research the processes involved in virtual team creation and operations.

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