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For this assignment you will need to watch the documentary “Freedom Summer” from

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For this assignment you will need to watch the documentary “Freedom Summer” from the PBS American Experience Series. You can access the video using this link (Links to an external site.)
Please note that this video is approximately 2 hours long, please plan accordingly.
Once you have watched the video, please respond to the following questions. Make sure that you provide specific answers that are rooted in historical fact. Vague responses will not earn credit.
Part 1:
Why was Freedom Summer controversial, and what risks did its participants face?
How did white political leaders in Mississippi prepare to respond to Freedom Summer?
Imagine that you are a college student in 1964. Would you choose to join the SNCC and go to Mississippi? Why or why not?
How did Freedom Summer redefine or reimagine the term civil rights?
Describe one story/situation from the video that evoked a strong emotion in you. Make sure to explain why that story/situation caused you to react.
Part 2:
Explain specific individual or government actions that created the situation that led to the events of the Freedom Summer. Think about the things we have discussed earlier in this course that would have limited the number of black voters in the South. Be specific and give me historical events or actions not personal opinions.
Part 3:
What actions have been taken since the Freedom Summer of 1964 to extend, ensure and protect voting rights?
Discuss the importance of voting rights in the democratic process. What other influence or power accompanies the right to vote?
What are ways that you can participate in grassroots organizing as a high school student? What are ways that you can be civically engaged without being old enough to vote?

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