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For this assignment, there are two content questions. Both content questions are

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For this assignment, there are two content questions. Both content questions are from two separate chapters so they should be answered separately. Content question 2 has two parts. As far as sources you may not use outside sources when answering the content questions. You may only use the textbook to answer the content questions. For part, both of content question 2 be sure to refer to the videos and include them in your answer. I will be uploading summaries from both chapters 10 & 11 but if you would like me to upload more about a specific topic or section within the chapter, let me know and I will do so. Content Question 1): ( Chapter 11) This question is based on material from Chapter 11. You need to answer this question in a minimum of five (5) complete and grammatically correct sentences. You must write your answer in your own words and not directly use the authors’ writing from the textbook or from some other source. Remember, you have to compose your answer in essay (not outlining or listing) format:
Explain how a couple can enhance the likelihood of conception in terms of timing the introduction of sperm with egg. For those couples who have difficulty conceiving, explain what seem to be the complicating factors. Identify and describe at least one assisted reproductive technique that could help a couple become pregnant.
Content question 2: ( Chapter 10)
A) 1) First of all, now that you have read about the historical and social perspectives on contraception in Chapter 10, I would like for you to list AND explain three “sources” that have influenced your own views on contraception (e.g., parents, friends, etc.).
B) Next, I would like you to watch the following three videos with Jessica Biel, Whitney Cummings, and Joy Bryant on contraception: Jessica, Whitney, and Joy on the Pill, Jessica, Whitney, and Joy on IUDs, Jessica, Whitney, and Joy on Condoms
What are your thoughts regarding these videos? Is humor an effective way to communicate needed information?

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