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For this Assignment, imagine that you are an HSPP who must go out into the commu

by | Jun 22, 2022 | Human Relations | 0 comments


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For this Assignment, imagine that you are an HSPP who must go out into the community post-hurricane to assess the individuals/families affected by the crisis.
Submit the Steps of Crisis Intervention template with the “Preassessment,” “Look,” “Listen,” and “Assess” sections completed. In these sections, identify the following for your chosen individual or family:
Preassessment: Your reasons for selecting this individual/family and your comfort level working with them.
Look and Listen: Environmental safety concerns (if applicable); the survivor’s story and the crisis they are experiencing.
Assess: The survivor’s safety; signs of crisis (affective, behavioral, cognitive); cultural considerations that might be relevant; the survivor’s needs based on the holistic assessment wheel, and your strategy for communicating about those needs.
Plan: Make a collaborative plan to help the survivor through the immediate crisis. Identify: A safety plan (if the survivor is homicidal or suicidal) The local Hart City organizations you would draw on to help. Two or three services offered by these agencies that would be useful for the family/individual in crisis, such as longer-term counseling. How would these services assist the individual or family?
Commit:Consider feasibility and commit to the plan. Identify:Your plan for collaborating with the agencies and coordinating services. What is your role as an HSPP? (ask yourself: Can the survivor realistically access the necessary services? Will I simply provide information on services, or will I need to take a larger role?) Your strategy for disengaging from the service users once you have finished coordination of services. Consider how you would maintain professional

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