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For my final research paper, I would like to discuss how the Houston Fire Depart

by | Aug 4, 2022 | Environmental Science | 0 comments


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For my final research paper, I would like to discuss how the Houston
Fire Department has had a recruitment and retention problem on their hands, and
are suffering due to the wage scale that is about 18% below industry standards. This which equates to heavy apparatus being
browned out and overworked firefighters.
Final Project
Overview: Complete a final project/paper on a major
problem or challenge to your community that is of importance to your
department and will require changes in how the department provides its
service to the community. Examples of topics are child fire setting, finance
problems, immigrant communities, minority recruiting, recruiting volunteers,
etc. The field is wide open, but your paper must provide a real solution,
that is legal and practical to the problem. Use this as a chance to apply all
that you have learned to research a solution that will aid your community
I. The Research/Position Paper:
Subject: The topic of your research paper must be approved by the instructor.
Your research paper must reflect your own original thoughts, even though the
issues may have been previously presented elsewhere.
Format: The research paper will be 15-20 text
pages long using Ariel or Times New Roman 12 point font and double-spaced
throughout. The title page, abstract page, and reference page do not apply as
text pages. The research paper must include a bibliography of at least six
academically critical sources. While an encyclopedia may be useful as a
starting point, it cannot count as one of the six sources. If there is a
question about whether a source meets the academic criteria, contact the instructor.
These sources may all be secondary, but primary sources may also be used. The
student is encouraged to use as many sources as appropriate. However, a huge
bibliography will not compensate for a weak or poorly-constructed paper.
Review the “Citation and Reference Style” section of this syllabus.
Style: The style of the research paper must
be in the format of a position paper for your department with the idea that
this is to be submitted to the authority having jurisdiction to clarify or
correct a problem with the issue being addressed. As this is being written
for politicians insure that you write clearly and present any options and why
you chose the option you did and the legal and regulatory backup for your
decision. Transition from one idea to another should be smooth. Do not number
your paragraphs or sub-paragraphs and do not break them up. The following
criteria are essential for the research paper:
1) introduction providing a thesis statement;
2) body providing a discussion of central themes supported by properly cited
sources; and,
3) conclusion drawing together the themes of the paper in a succinct and
persuasive manner.

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