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FIRST PAGE the name of this documentary is ” Bastards of the Party.” It is The

by | Jun 25, 2021 | Latin-American Studies | 0 comments


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FIRST PAGE the name of this documentary is ” Bastards of the Party.” It is The History of the Crips and Bloods. It is excellent in terms of understanding the history and origins of gangs in this country and speaks to larger questions of Black oppression/Black liberation which we got into in class today.

You can address these questions but you don’t have to address them all. Provide evidence, quotes, facts or anecdotes that prove you watched the documentary.
What are the different events and chapters in African American that begin to explain the emergence of these two gangs?
What would it take to “deghettoize” New York City and the cities of this country for that matter?
What does Cle Sloan say about using the N-word? What role has the State played in our communities? (Remember the definition of the State: the organized repression of one class by another class, aka the police, the military, the courts, the jails, etc.)
What would it take to create communities where working class people are not killing one another on a daily basis?
Incorporate any personal experiences you or people close to you might have with gangs. How is internalized oppression part of Black history?
What is the social context (racism, inequality, ect) that gives birth to both gangs?
SECOND PAGE PAGE IS ABOUT THIS These are news interviews I have done since 2014. Pick 3 videos that have topics you are interested in. (You can pick the ones in Spanish if you want to)
, please address the following questions for each video: (you can do 1-2 paragraphs for each interview you watch and critically respond to)
What do you agree or disagree with from each interview?
How are my viewpoints challenging the mainstream view and the media monopoly?
What did you learn from watching these interviews?

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