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Submit a 600-800 word written critique for each. The “live” concert critique should follow the Listening and Writing Listening Assignment format, but will be a longer version. MLA Format.
Instructions: Review the Concert Critique Example before writing your own critique. Then, write your own critique.
Concert Critique Guidelines
Context. Give the background and general performance information.
Impressions. The most important part of your review should consist of your individual perspectives on the component parts of the entire performance.
Likert-Type Scale Rating. Using a Likert-type scale rating from 1 (lowest) to 100 (highest), rank the performance based on the overall quality, personal enjoyment, setting, etc.
Performance Qualities.

Write one paragraph (3-4 sentences) about each piece or movement performed.
List the title/composer and write brief historical notes.
Using the knowledge that you gained in this course, explain the strengths and weaknesses of each performance.

Include three musical aspects (melody, rhythm, harmony, form, expression/dynamics)

Response. How did the audience react to each piece in the performance?
Programs. To what extend did the printed programs help you with this critique?
Additional Aspects.

When/Where did the work premier? (Ex: 1891, London England, Queen’s Court)
Was the original performance considered to be a success or a failure? Explain.
Were the performance pieces considered standard repertory today? Or, were they obscure?

Due FRIDAY 11-11-22 BY 3PM EST

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