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Evaluation of practice social work masters program SOW 5432 PAPERSECTION TOPIC H

by | Jun 24, 2021 | Social work (not sociology) | 0 comments


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Evaluation of practice social work masters program
SOW 5432 PAPERSECTION TOPIC HEADINGS MUST BE USED THROUGHT THE PAPER(Over all text paper pages not including APA formatted Title and Reference pages should not exceed 25 pages.)Please do all your work with the Word Review Mode Turned on and Keep the Review Mode On Throughout Writing Your Paper.PAPER PART I: presents a biopsychosocial synopsis of a client case, including:a. Identification of the client system (i.e., individual, family, etc.);b. Relevant background or contextual information;c. Descriptive summary of person(s) to be offered services; (THESE FIRST THREE ITEMS ARE ALL ELEMENTS OF THE CASE SUMMARY YOU TURNED IN/with the proper revisions based on feedback) (10 points)d.Operationalization of problem(s) targeted for intervention. In this section, using the two target problems that you and your client named in the case description you will operationalize each problem by describing how the problem is expressed or described by your client. Remember to think in terms “as evidenced by….”. Also, you will want to explain why you and your client choose to target these problems first. These problems could be concepts/behaviors/mood states such as depression, sadness, fear, discontent, unhappiness, anger, relationship problems, anxiety, lack of self efficacy, self ascribed intrusive thoughts, sleeplessness, weight loss, “acting out” behavior, social withdrawal, or self injurious behavior as identified by your client. Again, please make sure youhave two target problems. (10 points)e. A literature review that should include a review of two standardized scales/measures for each target problem (four measures in total). 1Your literature review should cover 2 articles on each of the different scales you are considering with information on all of the elements that we discussed that must be considered when choosing a scale (reliability, validity, population the scale is normed on, utility, sensitivity, etc.). 2Your review must include explicit critiques and the limitations of each measure. 3Please make sure that you include the reliability and validity alpha and/or kappa
scores for each of the examined measures. Use only validation studies that provide them. (25 points)f. Identification of validated measures- You must then for each Target Problem select from the scales/measures reviewed the specific scale you will use with your client and discuss why you feel that that measure is superior to the other measure you did not select. (If possible provide a copy of the scales and place in paper appendices.) (10 points)g. For each of the two-target problem(s), you will in addition to these validated measures develop your own very brief instrument/measure (behavioral observation, Independent Rating Scale, Log, etc.) that you can use with the client regularly (each time you work together). You must attach a copy of the self-developed instrument with directions on how the client will use it. You also must give the rationale for why you feel this type of self-anchored scale is the best choice for you and your client. (15 points)30 points are reserved for Written expression (Sentence construction, grammar, syntax, spelling) and proper APA formatting and referencing. Overall paper total = 100 points
its due this sunday at 11pm. I have done the begining part taht it discusses
it’s an online program

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