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Ethical Scenario Paper Assignment Instructions Overview The Ethical Scenario Pap

by | Jun 23, 2021 | Ethics | 0 comments


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Ethical Scenario Paper Assignment Instructions
Ethical Scenario Paper Assignments deal with practical ethical decision-making
information and the application of that information using a template to help you
with procedures in ethical decision making. This template and the “ETHICS”
Decision Making Model does not automatically generate right answers for the
right reason. It is a tool—just a tool. The scenario paper is not exceptionally
hard. This was done so you can focus on a different way of thinking regarding
ethical decision making—one that is more intentionally from a Christian
the format as described in the “Ethical Scenario” handout. Utilize the Ethical
Scenario: Basic Template provided. The actual scenario is located in the appendix.
The paper follows a modified, APA format guidelines with some exceptions. Some
references necessary for this task are attached except the Bible but others may
be included.
The following elements are required for both
Ethical Scenario Paper Assignments:
a. A minimum of five pages, seven
pages maximum but no penalty for going over.
b. Citations are expected and a reference page with 5 references plus the Bible.
c. A page(s) (appendix) with the scenario is provided in the template.
d. You may add additional appendices as
needed—none are required.
Here are some generic additional guidelines:
a. There
may be multiple ethical dilemmas, dilemmas may be for an individual(s) and/or an
applicable organization(s)—all dilemmas should be addressed.
b. avoid
going to the solution immediately—follow the process. c. Please
review the Ethical Scenario Paper Assignment Guidelines and Sample Paper for
more details on these assignments.

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