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ETHC 101 Capstone Essay Instructions Summary This assignment is an essay that br

by | Jun 23, 2021 | Ethics | 0 comments


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ETHC 101
Capstone Essay Instructions
This assignment is an essay
that brings all of the knowledge and skills developed in this course to bear on
a single ethical issue. Each student will write an 1800-2000 word essay (not
including footnotes, the title page, table of contents, and bibliography) that
combines the insights and arguments of the second and third discussion boards
into a single carefully-articulated work. Format should be 12pt, Times New
Roman font and in Turabian format.
your paper with a brief introductory paragraph that clearly states your goals,
thesis, and method. State what metaethical theory you are contrasting to a
Christian ethic, the issue in applied ethics you are addressing, the
conclusion(s) on that issue that you want to defend. Next,
provide a lengthy and detailed comparative analysis of the two metaethical
theories—Christian ethics and another theory—showing which theory is stronger.
This will likely reflect what you argued for in your Discussion Board 2 thread
and the feedback that you received from the professor and/or classmates who
responded to your thread. Here you can go into much more detail than you could
in the Discussion Board, which was limited to 600 words. If you use half of
your paper on this section, then it will be roughly three to four pages. Next, proceed to the applied ethics issue that you
discussed in your Discussion Board 3 thread. Here you should greatly expand
upon your argument. Add detail, nuance, and argumentation, providing a fairly
complete and comprehensive argument for how a Christian ethic would approach
this issue. Or, if you defended an alternate theory in DB 2, formulate an
application based on that theory. You may illustrate the issue with real-life
examples, but please do not fill your paper with anecdotes. You should
anticipate possible objections to your approach to the issue and respond to
them in an objective and informed manner. (For ideas on how others might object
to your approach, a good place to begin would be your classmate’s reply to your
DB3 thread, but you need not stop there. Your own imagination and the many
books and articles that have been published on issues in applied ethics can
provide a wealth of possible arguments relevant to every issue.) You are encouraged
to use quotes from sources as a way to support your arguments, but quotes
should not make up more than one and a half pages of your essay.
Your final paragraph should reflect what you have argued
in your thesis. It should recap what you have accomplished and how you have
accomplished it. Research
This paper is not required to
utilize any sources outside of those that were used in the class (the two
textbooks, the videos, and the PointCast presentations), but use of additional
resources is permitted and encouraged. At the minimum the paper should utilize
the resources from the class. All resources used must be listed in the
bibliography and any resources quoted, paraphrased, or alluded to must be
documented via footnotes formatted according to Turabian. Sources such as Wikipedia and online dictionaries do not count as
academic sources and should not be used. Biblical references are encouraged,
but will not count as an academic source.
Remember, your footnotes and
bibliography (if you had one) do not count toward the 2000 word limit. You will
be penalized if you exceed the limit, so please do not. Format
Your paper must begin with a
title page that includes a paper title, your name, the date, and the course
name and number. The second page of your paper must be a table of contents. The
last page of your paper must be devoted to your bibliography. The paper must
utilize 12 point Times New Roman font, double-spaced, with one inch margins. It
must be double-spaced rather than triple-spaced between paragraphs and there
should be only one space after the end of each sentence. Any documentation in the body
of your paper must be done via footnotes formatted according to Turabian. If
you are not familiar with how to do this, simply look it up online. There are
many websites that explain Turabian formatting. Footnotes should be
single-spaced 10 point Times New Roman font. Your paper must be submitted
as a Microsoft Word document. If you submit it as a .pdf or anything other than
a Microsoft Word document it will not be graded. Format Example
Title Page
of Contents
of Paper:
· Introduction · Metaethic
· Application
· Conclusion
Miscellany Proofread your work before
handing it in! Errors of spelling, grammar, syntax, and punctuation will affect
your grade. This is a university-level writing assignment. Please write
accordingly. The deadline for this
assignment is 11:59pm on Monday of Module 7. Submit your finished paper via the
SafeAssign link on Blackboard. SafeAssign is a program that checks your work
for plagiarism. Plagiarism is immoral, unchristian, and will not be tolerated.
The consequences for plagiarism are significant and SafeAssign makes it easy to
detect. If you are not sure what plagiarism is, it is your responsibility to
find out. Ignorance is no excuse. Do not plagiarize!
This assignment contributes
to achieving and assessing the achievement of all four of the Course Learning
Outcomes. This assignment is due by
11:59 p.m. (ET) on Monday of Module/Week 7.
*I have also attached the previous weeks discussion boards for reference*
Moral Reasoning: An Intentional Approach to Distinguishing Right from Wrong – Michael S. Jones
ISBN 978-1-5249-4530-5
An Introduction to Biblical Ethics : Walking in the Way of Wisdom- by Robertson McQuilkin , and Paul Copan
ISBN- 978-0-8308-6481-2 (digital)

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