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Essays must be at least 500 words and be thoughtful and original to earn full cr

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Essays must be at least 500 words and be thoughtful and original to earn full credit (see penalties for plagiarism in your student handbook).
Essays must be well-written to earn full credit. Check for typos, use topic sentences to start out each paragraph, have an introductory paragraph and a conclusion paragraph. Here is a site with some tips on writing a good essay:
(Links to an external site.)
These essays are automatically submitted to plagiarism detection software when you submit them – consequences for plagiarizing any part of this essay will result in you earning a “0” for the entire assignment. You may also be reported to the board of student conduct. See your syllabus for additional penalties for cheating/plagiarism.
Your essay must not contain anything factually inaccurate (depending on the severity of the inaccuracies, you may not earn any credit for your essay), so make sure your facts are coming from the textbook or some other reputable source (be wary of information you find on the web, only use scholarly sources like peer-reviewed journal articles or .edu/.gov websites when writing this essay. Do not use blogs or websites that are not peer-reviewed. This means no .com or .org websites or .anythingelse websites). These essays should not be based solely on your opinion.
I don’t have a required number of references, but it would be difficult to write a good essay without finding information on the topic from some source. If any information in this essay comes from an outside source, even an idea or fact that you paraphrased, make sure to properly cite that source in your essay.
If you use outside sources in your essay, do not use direct quotes. Instead, paraphrase from the original source and then cite that source using APA format.
You must use APA format to cite your sources in-text and provide references at the end of your essay. This paper should be double-spaced and you should include a title page with the question stem on it (you can skip the running head and abstract part of APA format). You should also use APA-style headings for all sections. If you don’t have an APA manual, you can use the Purdue Owl Website ( to an external site.)Links to an external site.
(Links to an external site.)
Immediately after uploading the assignment here, post your essay in the discussion board for your group.
Good resource for help with writing/proof-reading this paper: Troy University pays for all students to have access to tutoring at no cost to the student. Net Tutor (found on the left of the screen) will read over your paper and give you feedback, as long as you submit it to them a week before the due date. You can also meet with a live tutor to review your paper and answer your questions. I highly recommend taking advantage of this. Send the tutor the essay instructions so that they know what to check for when reviewing your paper.

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